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Attention: marketing managers – this is why competitions should be in your marketing plan

Michelle Rowling, Group Account Director at McKenzie Partners makes a compelling case for the value of competitions.

When strategically designed and methodically implemented, competitions can deliver key results, metrics and traction that outperform other marketing channels.  Competitions are so often dismissed by organisations and marketing managers as being mass giveaways, where the only beneficiaries are those members of the public actively engaged in the prize scene seeking free gifts. Sure, if the objectives of the competition are not clear and the mechanic is misdirected, this can absolutely be the case. However, when clever and accountable, there is a strong place for competitions in a customer-centric marketing plan.


When strategically designed and methodically implemented, competitions can deliver key results, metrics and traction that outperform other marketing channels.


Competitions get you customised data

A competition is a great method of data acquisition. With both ethics and compliance considered consistently, the data derived from competitions can prove valuable for your organisation. Whether the information obtained represents new prospective customers or highlights hyper-engaged members of your existing customer base, there’s no other way this quality of data can be obtained.

By ensuring there’s a strategic opportunity for your competition entrants to share their details, consent to marketing communications and offer you new avenues to connect with them – a database collected from a competition today could serve your organisation well into the future when used correctly.


Boost your social media engagement

Want social media engagement? Page growth, following and advocacy are all social media benefits that you can get from a good competition. Sure, you can sponsor posts, boost ads and cast your social media content wide. However, a competition will capture your true brand advocates and allow them to work for you. Competitions allow advocates to endorse your brand, promote your offering to their network and amplify its reach with a qualified audience.

Social engagements and metrics can be used to your advantage to administer a competition, but you can also use social platforms to simply extend the broadcast of your competition and maintain the entry mechanic elsewhere.


You’ll gain insights

Consumers love it when they feel included and involved in a brand or business they admire. Competitions can be a crafty way of gaining their input and acquiring their insights. Want to create a new flavour? Want to know your most appealing asset? Want to know how your experience is truly received or shared? A clever competition can allow for the collection of anecdotal data, feedback, insights and ideas. It’s also a great way of sharing positive experiences and ideas about your brand with others. Entrants will feel like they’ve contributed to something great, as well as feeling rewarded should they be the winning contender!



What prize should you choose?

To be successful, competitions need to offer a compelling and sought-after prize. The prize should drive entries, momentum and sustain interest even long after the competition has run. Cash, cars and holidays are king here. However, you can also incentivise more entries and enrich the potential use of your data by integrating samples and offering discounts. This can be an incredible way of rewarding each and every entrant, while encouraging purchase, maximising spend and enhancing the potential long-term loyalty between the customer and the brand.


How do you set up a competition?

Competition ideation, implementation, management and communication can all be incredibly complex. Permits, terms and entry mechanics are always required. Competitions need to be ethical, and legally compliant in all participating states. There are also platform requirements when implementing social promotions and website functionality to contend with when hosting a competition online.

That’s where engaging an agency can be helpful. At McKenzie Partners, we have competition experts in our team. In store, on pack, triggered by consumer spend, games of chance, event-based promotions, online competitions and social media giveaways – we’ve done it all. We also have experience across a range of industries, having worked on competitions in travel, retail, hospitality, entertainment and auto. If you’re keen to amplify your reach and maximise your data potential, let’s connect and discuss a competition for your brand.