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Databased marketing

“Marketers who use segmented email campaigns notice up to a 760% increase in revenue.”

Intentional and effective

Email (EDM) and SMS marketing is an important part of the marketing mix. Implementing a targeted database marketing campaign is like having a highly successful sales employee keeping in touch with your entire database. It’s a great way to communicate with both existing and potential customers.

Wondering why your business should consider EDM and SMS marketing?

  • It’s highly measurable: You are able to track results and success instantaneously. Some of the trackable metrics include how many people opened your EDM or SMS, how many people clicked certain sections of your EDM and how many sales you received off the back of it.
  • It maintains and increases engagement: Using an EDM or SMS campaign is a good way to stay in touch and build a relationship with your customers – if done correctly. You can use an EDM or SMS campaign to promote a sales event, share new product information, provide company updates and keep your brand top of mind.
  • It’s highly targeted: As long as your CRM is up to date, you can be highly targeted in who you communicate to and what you say. For example, you might own a Ford dealership and the new Ranger is launching shortly. You can segment your data to anyone that may have purchased or enquired about a previous Ranger 3+ years ago, advise them of the new model and ask if they would be interested in a test drive.
  • It’s powerful and effective: Response rates for EDMs are high if used correctly. As you own your database you have complete control over who you talk to, how you talk to them and when.

McKenzie Partners can handle your SMS and EDM campaigns from end-to-end. Our creative team have design and copy covered, so your campaigns will always make an impact. For database marketing that is intentional and effective, speak with McKenzie Partners today.


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